Tampaksiring Journey

A Countryside Excursion Throught The Balinese Ecospiritual Life

The Tampaksiring Journey

Tampaksiring Journey is eco adventure company has established since 2013 that offers some of the famous Rice fields, sacred Tirta Empul Temple and Village Life of Tampaksiring.

The cultural landscape of Tampaksiring is located 30-minute northward drive from both Ubud tourism centre and the Kintamani area on the edge of Lake Batur. The “Tampaksiring Journey” is a set of adventure packages, all take place in the heart of the ancient Balinese civilisation, and which today remains a lively countryside. The landscapes we carefully pick for the trips are both scenic and historic, and either together or individually the trips offer a rich cultural experience of immersing in the Balinese daily lifestyle. Whichever trip you decide to join, we will escort you to explore an elongated hilly life-space between Tukad (river) Pakerisan and Tukad Petanu. Both streams and the area they enclosed witnessed the emergence of the Balinese agrarian civilisation including the world unique subak water association that is now enlisted as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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About our Basecamp Facility

We run a half-an-acre facility, which also serves as the basecamp for all our trip packages, at the proximity to the little woods which surround the Gumang temple. The basecamp consists of an open dining hall with ample space for even an extra large party. All our dishes and delicacies are made with the best raw materials from the local marketplace. We serve a wide range of local-origin coffee, including the renown civet coffee. The garden includes a diverse collection of the local medicinal herbs, spices, as well as local fruit orchard.

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Fantastic Of The Best Tours…..!!

Very Beautiful Day Bike Trhought Villages, Forest, Paddy Field And More. This Bike Tour Far Exeeced  my Expectations, Educational biking adventure Trhought the heart of Bali.

5 Rating

Review by Matthew Ad. from Aus
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Highlight Of Bali Trip And Safe Tour

Amazing experience And great to see And Try of Balinese traditional Farming. Good Food and a great price.
Gave A safety overview at the beginning and whenever We Walk an intersection.
Recommend This trip 100%

4 Rating

Review by Ida Tibec from Denmark
Ida Tibec

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